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    Lufeng company is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales, specializing in scientific research and development, metallurgical equipment, environmental protection equipment and non-ferrous metal purification. It is a national certified high-tech enterprise. It has supporting facilities for various large-scale metallurgical processing equipment and systems, and has passed ISO9001 certification. It can engage in R & D, design, production, installation, commissioning and other related businesses of metallurgy, environmental protection, energy-saving projects and equipment.

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    • 2022-08-03

      Aluminum ingot casting machine

      In the process of aluminum ingot casting, the casting process of casting molten aluminum in a mold and then cooling and forming is a common process for aluminum ingot forming, so the ingot casting machine is an essential equipment in the aluminum alloy ingot casting production line.

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    • 2022-08-01

      What is an aluminum ingot casting machine?

      The aluminum ingot casting machine consists of an ingot mold, a demoulding mechanism, a frame, a main transmission mechanism, a water cooling device (or a water spray cooling device), and an aluminum liquid distributor (distribution drum). In addition to being used for aluminum ingot casting, this machine can also be used for lead ingot casting.

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    • 2022-07-28

      Precautions for using lead pump

      It includes electrical control, motor, transmission shaft, frame, pump shell, impeller, lead pipe and lead pipe movable joint. There are two connecting flanges at the output end of the transmission shaft. The flange output shaft close to the pump body is fixed with nuts.

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    • 2022-07-28

      Installation and commissioning process of ingot casting machine

      First of all, the Intermediate pot/tundish should place in a corner of the Lead pot stove according to the layout drawing, try to ensure that the lead liquid reflux distance is not too far, And Space shall be reserved for the installation position of the intermediate pot to adjust the lead rod;

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    • 2022-07-28

      Congratulations on the completion of the delivery of the company's lead paste pre-desulfurization equ

      On July 9, 2022, the lead mud mixing tank and forced desulfurizer pre-system designed and manufactured by Xiangtan Lufeng Machinery Co., Ltd. were successfully loaded and shipped. Considering that if the goods are sent to the port for loading, it is very troublesome and very difficult. Therefore, this shipment is to pull a 40-foot flat container to the factory for loading.

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