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    Installation and commissioning process of ingot casting machine


    Installation and commissioning process of ingot casting machine


    First of all, the Intermediate pot/tundish should place in a corner of the Lead pot stove according to the layout drawing, try to ensure that the lead liquid reflux distance is not too far, And Space shall be reserved for the installation position of the intermediate pot to adjust the lead rod;


    After the intermediate pot is placed, the gear pouring roller shall be positioned. Based on the intermediate pot, the gear pouring roller shall be close to the intermediate pot, otherwise the pipe is too long and easy to be cooled and blocked, and it takes time to heat with a fire gun for too long. After placing, draw the center line of the ingot casting device on the ground. According to the direction of the general drawing, the pan is parallel and about 15m long. Place the other two ingot casting devices in the position shown in the figure. Connect the Ingot casting machine body (1-3) without dislocation. Ensure that the chain tracks on both sides are parallel, and the distance between the center of the head and tail wheels is the same on both sides;


    Install the ingot receiving device at one end of the ingot casting device to ensure that it is in the same center line with the ingot casting device and can be connected to the ingot;


    Place the electric control cabinet at the position shown in the layout (not fixed first), to ensure sufficient cable connection. Generally , the distance between the ingot feeding and the edge of the electric control cabinet shall not exceed two meters;


    After placing the above devices, carefully check with the drawing. If there is no error, drill four holes with an electric hammer, drive the expansion bolt into the hole and fix each device;


    Connect the cables into the electric control cabinet in turn (According to the electrical schematic diagram provided previously), and gradually power on and check to ensure no misoperation and wrong connection;


    Install the spare parts in the required position according to the name and function; (refer to the layout);


    Power on for no-load commissioning, and check whether the ingot casting device shakes, whether the position of the printing device is correct, and whether the actions on both sides of the rapping device are accurate;


    After checking each action, remove the dust from the chain, sprocket and other positions, and add lubricating oil and grease to ensure lubrication and rust prevention;


    Match the lead outlet pipe according to the position of the intermediate pot and the gear roller chute. The lead outlet pipe shall be big pipe covers the small pipe. It is a movable joint and cannot be welded. In addition, support points shall be made on the intermediate pot to ensure stress and not easy to deform. The connection between the other end and the chute shall also be flexible;


    Check whether the gear roller goes deep into the mold (try to ensure that the gear roller goes deep into the mold). After adjustment, power on the ingot casting device to check whether there is resistance and abnormal noise;


    Connect the return pipe of the intermediate boiler (the return pipe shall be made according to the actual situation of the customer);


    Check whether the vibration device and the printing device are installed correctly. The lever of the printing device must be fixed and welded firmly after the hot test;


    Turn on the preheating equipment provided by Lufeng, ignite the muzzle with a fire gun, and then slowly open the natural gas valve. After reaching the maximum, slowly open the compressed air valve, adjust the flame to blue to ensure the maximum combustion value, turn on the fire gun in turn, and preheat the mold with the fire gun;


    Check whether the length of the torch can heat the gear roller and the lead outlet pipe, and ensure that the pipe is not pressed by heavy objects or scalded by hot lead; It is better to use gas detector at all interfaces to detect air tightness;


    Commissioning sequence of lead material: start the driving motor of ingot caster, and preheat the lead outlet pipe, chute, gear roller and mold with a fire gun for half an hour. Then start the lead pump to put the lead of the lead pump into the intermediate pot. All the intermediate pots are opened, and part of the lead liquid flows into the slag bucket first. After 15 seconds, half close the intermediate pot and let the lead return from the return port into the lead pot. After one minute, turn the chute back to the end of the gear roller, slowly open the plug of the intermediate pot to make the lead liquid slowly flow to the gear roller, watch the amount of lead liquid in the mold, and gradually increase the lead plug so that the lead liquid can meet the amount of a mold;


    In case of spindle clamping failure, immediately turn the chute to the slag bucket, and then immediately close the plug of the intermediate pot;


    After the commissioning and production with lead is completed, all the lead in the intermediate pot shall be discharged, and the lead pipe shall be gently knocked out(discharge all the remaining lead slag inside), to avoid blocking the pipe.


    Installation and commissioning process of ingot casting machine


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