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    What is an aluminum ingot casting machine?


    The aluminum ingot casting machine consists of an ingot mold, a demoulding mechanism, a frame, a main transmission mechanism, a water cooling device (or a water spray cooling device), and an aluminum liquid distributor (distribution drum). In addition to being used for aluminum ingot casting, this machine can also be used for lead ingot casting.


    aluminum ingot casting machine


    The molten aluminum in the furnace flows through the aluminum launder to the pouring launder and enters the distribution drum of the aluminum ingot casting machine. The distribution drum and the running speed of the ingot casting machine run synchronously. Each mouth is aligned with the running aluminum ingot mold, and the flow of aluminum water is synchronized with the speed of the ingot casting machine during pouring to ensure that the aluminum liquid in the aluminum ingot mold is about 85% of the depth of the mold cavity. The frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted, and the aluminum ingot cooling zone and the aluminum ingot demoulding mechanism are arranged on the ingot casting machine.


    The material of the ingot mold is high manganese refractory cast iron, the average casting life is more than 15,000 times, and the weight of the ingot mold is about 30kg/piece. The selection of materials for the aluminum ingot casting mold is reasonable to ensure smooth demoulding during the production process, and the surface of the aluminum alloy ingot produced by casting is bright.


    The mold heater is mainly used to heat the cold mold to prevent mold cracks caused by excessive temperature difference during mold casting.


    Features of aluminum ingot casting machine:


    Low labor intensity, high production efficiency, maximum production capacity 12T/H;;


    Automatic liquid filling, uniform ingot weight, no ripple in appearance of aluminum ingot;


    The ingot mold is made of manganese-containing cast iron, and the service life of the ingot mold is up to 3 years;


    Optional water cooling or water spray cooling;


    The use of pneumatic printing code and automatic demoulding air hammer makes the operation more convenient.

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